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Austin Meditation Q&A by Members – What are the best ways to lose weight?

I live in South Korea. There’s big trend of eating and showing off on social media as well as broadcasting. We watch everyday and everywhere. It seems getting bigger nowadays, such as corona pandemic. It looks like it’s not easy to lose weight unless we escape from the trend.

In my childhood, I grew up in the family of mixture of puritanism and Confucianism. My grandparents and parents lived pre and post Korean war years. They didn’t have money and food as well. So I also had to endure my desire to eat what I wanted. I remember when I was primary school girl, I share a dish with my younger brother. That memory was in my head very long time and at that moment I made up my mind that I would earn money and buy food as much as I wished.

After delivering baby, I had a eating disorder for a while. I gained more than 40 pounds and I couldn’t lose at all. As I earn money, I paid for food for all. I had binge eating habit and always feel guilty about eating too much. I hardly shared my food with others. I liked to eat alone and enjoyed my extravagant flavor. My thoughts were focused in ‘what am I going to eat today?’, ‘where is the hot place to go?’. Furthermore, I always missed the food that I ate the dishes while traveling in abroad. So, my mind was busy to find out similar dishes in my country and wandered about. I felt thirsty about my desire to eat delicious food.

As I kept my eating habit, my health got worse and worse. I was getting snappy, selfish, and inferior. I hate myself. It was time to change! I did everything, going to gym, jogging early morning, taking medicine, even oriental thing. Going on and off diets repeatedly made weigh control difficult and there was simultaneously yo-yo.

I felt I should change my eating habit and my attachment to food. So the last thing I tried was doing meditation. While doing meditation, I looked back myself and my childhood. And I realised I didn’t move enough or exercise and attached to the taste of food.

And now, I exercise everyday for 1 hour, do house chores with delightful mind. I cook meals for myself and my kids rather than go to restaurants. As much as I do my meditation, I feel less stress. The attachment of eating has been disappeared slowly. The more my mind is lighter, the less my weight is. That’s why I wanted to share my story with you all. Thank you for your time to read this article. Have a nice day. Be prudent!

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