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Austin Meditation Q&A by Members – How do I do meditation?


I do meditation everyday which is very easy but very powerful. I’ve meditated since 2017. I’ve been helped a lot through this meditation, such as anxiety relief, family relationship, anger control and even all sorts of stress.

I recommend you to find meditation which is easy to follow and has a exact method. That kind of meditation can help you meditate easily and everyday.

Doing meditation everyday even in a short time is very critical I think. I do meditate everyday to relief my stress and release my thoughts which are produced in daily life and also useless.

I am a meditation teacher at school in South Korea. I guide students to meditate for 5mins before sleeping. That makes children sleep well and happy.

Before the pandemic I used to go to my local meditation center where I am able to enjoy inner peace of my mind. There are professional guides.

I was able to consult with them and get answers when I got blockages.

If there isn’t exact method to meditate, meditation is just thinking. I think having method is the most important thing. And also there should be results or effects.

I think the reason why I do meditation is being happy. With a lot of stress and anxiety or endless thoughts there is no possibility living happy life.

Since this corona pandemic we have been through miserable time. Lack of social activities and limitation of daily routine have made us crazy. In Korea, there are, for example, issues of domestic violence against women and children. Even for me during lockdown I was angry and my stress was released to my children. Without this meditation my temper would’ve been getting worse. I found out my anger and was able to discard it through meditation. This meditation does not help you calm down or forget. It makes you being free completely from the factor in your stress.

How do I do meditation everyday such a time of corona pandemic?

I do at home with people who have same interests. We share the experiences. I do know everyone has such a difficult time and there is hope always.

Once you are used to do meditation, you can meditate anytime you want to. When you do everyday, you will see you can get rid of your stress.

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