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The Fundamental Solution


for unconditional happiness, great wisdom, eternity, and coexistence 


Austin Meditation has the method for you

to have truth and the land of Truth within

by becoming free from Karma, Habits, and the Mind of Body

Woo Myung, The Founder.

"The reason why people have questions and doubts is because of the false mind.
When people change their minds to the true mind, they don’t have questions, doubts, ignorance, pain, burden, and stress.
You can know all the ways of the world and live a truly happy life. You can achieve everything that you want to achieve. You can achieve human completion, be born in the land of Truth, and live eternally."


We will introduce you to a simple, yet profound meditation method
for cleansing the human mind
to have only Truth within

Step1  Become aware of what you have in your mind and where you are now

Human Mind World


Karma, Habits, Body



The first thing  to become aware of is that you are not living in the world. You're living in your own mind world which is made of karma, habits, and the mind of your body.  You're living in the shadow of the past and your false self.  This is the root cause of pain, stress, and countless limitations. With this awareness, you can cleanse your mind and discover Truth;  your true self.

Step2  Cleanse Karma, Habits, and Body and go back to your original mind 



The infinite Universe / God, Buddha, Allah / The great soul and spirit



Truth is your true self.  You're the Universe. This is what you've forgotten about yourself.

Truth is what remains within you when you cleanse the false mind.

Truth is eternal life, unconditional happiness, and wisdom. 

This is why you have to wake up from the false dream right now.

Meditation cleanses the false mind and allows you to return to Truth.

This is the ultimate goal of meditation.

Step3  Be born again as Truth into the everlasting land of true happiness and live for each other.

True World and True Me


You have achieved Human Completion


When you follow this meditation method and completely discard the human minds, Truth is within you, and the land of Truth is within you.

You can be born again as Truth and live a true life for eternity.

Questions, doubts, ignorance, pain, burden, and stress disappear. You can know all the ways of the world and live a truly happy life.

You become the owner of the Universe - living in unconditional happiness, wisdom of Truth, and eternity.

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Learn more how to clean your mind
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"I hope that all people will go to the Land of Truth that is within them,

thereby becoming complete,

knowing everything,

and eternally never dying while living."

Woo Myung, The Founder


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