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What Is Truth?

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

From {How to Have a Meeting with God, Buddha, Allah} Woo Myung. The founder. Cham Books. Kindle Edition.


We learned at school that

Truth is an eternal and unchanging existence. I tell people that Truth is not only eternal and unchanging, but it is also a living existence. We learned as truth that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. However, it is not Truth because both the sun and the earth will eventually disappear. Only the existence that has neither beginning nor end, and only an existence that never changes is Truth. People cannot see this existence and cannot find this existence, even if they try for eternity, because people live inside their own mind world—they cannot see nor find what belongs to the real world.

In Christianity, the existence of the Holy Ghost and the Holy Father that is God, is Truth. In Buddhism, they call the existence of Truth Buddha—Dharmakaya and Sambhogakaya. In Islam, they call this existence of Truth Allah. And in the ideology of the Korean folk religion, they call it Haneolnim that is Jung (Soul) and Shin (Spirit).

The leaders of those religions say that no one has ever seen this existence.

God, Buddha, Allah, which are Truth, is the emptiness of this universe itself, and the Soul and Spirit that exist in this emptiness. The emptiness of this universe is the existence of the Soul, and the Spirit exists as the one God in that emptiness. This existence is omnipresent in the universe, and is the existence that is always alive. This existence created all creations in this world. Buddhism says that things came forth from earth, water, fire, and wind. And according to the Korean folk religion, Haneolnim and everything emerged through the harmony of the sky and the earth. These sayings all mean the same thing, although they are expressed differently.

All the creations in this world come from the emptiness of the universe and return there.

People can see and know this existence when they have it within their minds.

Because people live inside their mind world, which overlaps the world, people can neither see nor know this existence because the world is not within their minds.

You can only see and know this entity when it exists within you. Then when your mind becomes the Soul and Spirit of the universe, the new Heaven, the new earth, and this world are born again as the never-dying Truth inside your mind that has become Truth. When this world is born from the mind of a person who has been reborn, it is Truth.

As the human mind world is false, a person can neither see nor know this existence, Truth. When you discard this falseness, the mind becomes real, and when you are reborn from that mind, you can know that the entire true world exists within you.

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