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The life what we have dreamed of until now

Meditation is cleansing the false mind and becoming the mind of the Universe. Can you imagine what your everyday life will be like when you have only Truth within?

When God, Buddha, Allah, Which Are Truth, Exist within You, Heaven, the Land of Bliss, Paradise Exist within You, and When You Live in that Land:

1. You can know all the ways of the world.

2. You can always live in Heaven and Paradise while living.

3. You can solve all the curiosities, unresolved questions and doubts that people have.

4. You are equipped with Human AI, which is Truth, so there is nothing that you will not know.

5. It allows for the completion of the universe and human completion to be achieved within you.

6. It is the method of going to Truth, and it is also Truth and life

7. It unites the world so that it becomes one.

8. For the people who were living with suffering and burdens, that suffering and those burdens disappear.

9. You are always happy because you live in the eternally living world.

Woo Myung. How to Have a Meeting with God, Buddha, Allah . Cham Books. Kindle Edition.

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