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The Human Mind Is the False Mind

Your thoughts are not you. Your body in your mind is an illusion also.

Recognizing this is the first step to wake up from the false dream for the real life.

In the human mind, there are the life lived (karma), the habits (inherited from one’s ancestors), and the body. These make up the human mind.

People live inside their own mind world, which overlaps the world. It is not the true world, but a world of illusion that their minds have made. That is why people live in a false world, do false things and when they die, they just end up completely dying. This is why they are incomplete.

A person’s mind is one’s own fixed conceptions, habits, and customs that only he himself possesses. There are no two single people in the world who have the same mind. The human mind only exists for the person who possesses it.

It is an illusion made up of pictures of the things in the world, and this is why it does not exist. Just as a person cannot change one’s dream while in the dream, a person who lives in that mind, just lives in that mind. This mind is false and, therefore, it does not exist.

The true mind does not exist, yet it exists. The false mind, which is the human mind, exists, yet it does not exist.

Woo Myung. How to Have a Meeting with God, Buddha, Allah . Cham Books. Kindle Edition.

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