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Learn how to live in

the everlasting present moment

A Journey to Find True Happiness Within


Guided & Coached Meditation

Our method is a step-by-step guided meditation practice,

designed for anyone regardless of experience.

Convenient and Accessible Meditation Program For You


We provide both in-person private sessions for personalized guidance, 

as well as online live group sessions to help you meditate at your convenience,

right from the comfort of your home.

Discover Our Meditation Classes

The destination of the meditation journey is the same for everyone.

But the beginning of the journey could be different depending on where you are now.

Check out our classes and choose what you think is best for you.

Feel free to book a free consultation or contact us. 

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School Kids Meditating
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The most comfortable place to rest your mind

Austin Meditation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the mission to help you to recover your true nature.

We have the method for you to cleanse your mind to return to your original nature. 

You will find lasting peace, unconditional happiness, and wisdom within.


Meditation helps you live a healthy, meaningful and successful life.

Discover wisdom and Truth within - the most valuable thing you can have; like a diamond in your mind.


We are here

to help guide you to the true happiness within and live in the everlasting present moment which is heaven and paradise.

True happiness!


People seek out true happiness, but rarely find it.

True happiness comes when you have only Truth in your mind by letting go of the negative, false thoughts and ego.


Our guided method can help you find true enlightenment and the true happiness. 

Let's build a  world of true happiness together.

The One Of A Kind

Mind Cleansing Meditation Method


Fundamental solution to be free

from stress, pain, and negativity.



Daily guided meditation


Systematic program that allows you to reach the ultimate goal of meditation 

How Meditation Changes Lives
Great reasons why we meditate

Peaceful mind

& Wisdom

Positive thinking

& Confidence

Free of worry, anxiety

& depression

Improved Sleep

& Health

Free of negative & unnecessary thoughts


& Love

Clarity & Concentration



How can we help you?

Contact us about where you're now and where you want to be.

Book an appointment for a consultation session.


We will help you discover how to start your journey in the best way and help you see where you can be through this meditation journey.


It will be a kind and warm introduction to your journey of spiritual awakening and new life.


"You can cleanse your false mind

and make Truth and the land of Truth exist

in your mind right now.

This way, you can live a true life for eternity.

When you change your mind to the true mind,

You don’t have questions, doubts, ignorance,

pain, burden, or stress.

You can know all the ways of the world

and live a truly happy life.

You can achieve everything

that you want to achieve."

Woo Myung, The Founder

Austin Meditation Q&A by Members – How do I do meditation?




I do meditation everyday which is very easy but very powerful. I’ve meditated since 2017. I’ve been helped a lot through this meditation, such as anxiety relief, family relationship, anger control and even all sorts of stress.

I recommend you to find meditation which is easy to follow and has a exact method. That kind of meditation can help you meditate easily and everyday.

Doing meditation everyday even in a short time is very critical I think. I do meditate everyday to relief my stress and release my thoughts which are produced in daily life and also useless.




Center Hours


Tuesday - Saturday

In-person & online

9:00AM - 9:00PM


Sunday & Monday

Online only

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